Beauty Care

Researcher says beauty comes from within-you are beauty and beauty is you. You are a masterpiece- a work of art.There is only one you,made up of your genes and life experiences. And there will never be another. 

Beauty means something different for everybody-and that itself is beautiful.

For some, beauty may mean going back to basics and focussing on nourishing their hair, skin and nails with a healthy diet and carefully selected supplements and beauty products.

For others, beauty may still look like a full-face of makeup and styled hair, but with a focus on products that use natural ingredients as their inspiration.

Healthy hair and skin doesn’t happen by itself. It’s the product of a healthy body and good nutrition.

Good nutrition is vital to keep your skin, nail and hair healthy.The skin’s elasticity depends on collagen, which makes it flexible. Vitamin C is needed to make collagen,and it also neutralizes free radicals that damage the skin and cause wrinkles.Vitamin A is important to keep skin smooth and supple,while vitamin E protects skin cells from damage and encourages skin to heal. Biotin and other B vitamins, taken together with vitamin C and E, have a synergistic effect that helps the body to build keratin and other proteins that it needs to make nails and hair strong.